Operating Method


Before you buy NdFeB magnets,you should make sure the real working temprature,if the real working temprature is higher than the Curie temprature of the magnet,the magnetism of the magnets will recede or vanish.

If the magnets are sealed,you can choose the magnets of which surface no plating or plated with white zinc,in this way,you can reduce the cost.If the magnets are exposed to the moist environment,especially the salt mist environment,we suggest you that coating of the magnets should be Nickel.Magnets should be stored in a dry and constant temprature environment,covered with plastic、wood、cardboard or foam.You can't put magnets together with iron or the thing which can be magnetized easily,such as monitors,bank cards,computer,telivision,mobile phone and so on.

3. Transporting
NdFeB magnets are heavy,brittle,and strong magnetic field,we should handle carefully(especially the large-size and thin ones).When a strong magnet attracted by itself or other iron,we should separate them carefully.Otherwise it might damage the magnets or pinch fingers.

4. Safe notes
The magnets may break into pieces when collide with each other or other metal material.Be careful in assembling magnets and prevent the tiny fragments from entering into eyes or causing other injuries.

5. Using notes
When the magnets attract with each other,do not pry hardly,we suggest you to use horizontal pushing stagger method.One hand to fix the magnets,using thumb and index finger to separate the magnets horizontally.Then we should isolate the magnet with other magnets or iron.   

6. Storing
keep magnets in good condition and avoid following environment in case that magnets may rust or become wesk in mechanical or magnetic performance.
(1)With acid,alkali,organic solvent or electrolytes.
(2)Immersed in water or in oil.
(3)hydrogen atomosphere.
(4)Corrosive atomosphere such as CL2,NH3,etc.
(5)With radioactive rays.

NdFeB is a kind of multi-metal alloy material,the density is 7.45g/m3,the performance of magnets are heavy and brittle.We should put magnets in a dry environment,do not put on the ground directly,the best way is stacked up with mat or placed on a shelf.